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BT faces criticism over rural broadband maps

The Government and BT have come under fresh criticism for the lack of detail, on coverage and speed, provided by new rural broadband maps. A committee of MP’s have raised the issues over the maps, however, both the government and BT have defended their record.

One of the main issues with the lack of details is that because the area covered is so unclear other companies can’t plan to provide broadband to areas that BT won’t cover. Also it stops other companies trying to provide competition in terms of speed and price because they don’t know what they are competing against.

There is also a worry that people won’t get value for money on their broadband because BT have brought up all of the contracts available so they effectively have a monopoly on the market. This means that there is no way of gauging value for money because there is no competition.

EPX Broadband Solutions

We hold wholesale partnerships with Tiscali Business and Plus.net in order to provide both ADSL and SDSL fully managed lines. We monitor our fully managed broadband and resolve problems directly on your behalf! This means that you have less downtime and spend less time trying to fix your broadband than with most other providers.

ADSL Broadband

Our ADSL broadband lines have connection speeds of up to 24Mbps depending on your area and we can provide fully managed lines for ADSL, ADSL2+ and AnnexM. Wholesale pricing is also available for more than 5 sites and we have services available for supporting and managing multiple site rollouts.

SDSL Circuits

SDSL are being phased out by most suppliers thanks to the advancements of ADSL2+ and AnnexM lines however here at EPX we can still supply them when alternative technologies aren’t available or suitable. We can source, install and manage 0.5Mbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps SDSL lines!

For more information on our Broadband services please call us on 03333 44 00 98 or e-mail us on info@epx.ltd.uk

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EPX Attend “We Mean Business” Event

On Wednesday 26th March 2014 EPX attended the Stafford Borough Council “We Mean Business” event at the Moat House Hotel. The event is held in order to help businesses get more custom and build up contacts with other businesses.

Seminars also took place throughout the morning to give advice on how to move your business forward. Think Positive and Stone Junction were the two companies who carried out the seminars and each offered great marketing advice.

We ourselves had our own stall at the event and we met many interesting and exciting businesses, both new and established, and we feel that we can start to build some new working relationships thanks to “We mean Business”.

EPX Attend "We Mean Business" Event

The event was a fresh experience for us and it was great to see so many people there. The great turn out will help many local businesses generate new business which is exactly what everyone wants to see!

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IaaS – Hosted Virtual Server Solutions

Server virtualisation is becoming an increasingly popular solution for businesses who want something that is more dynamic and scalable than a normal physical server. Virtual servers have many key advantages over physical servers including;

  • Incredible reliability – Even if there is a physical failure of a single server there will be no downtime on your network
  • Scalable – If you need a new server then you can have one easily without having to purchase additional hardware
  • Consolidated Hardware – Due to several physical servers doing the work of many virtual servers there is less; power consumption, cooling requirements and physical space required
  • Installation – Installing a virtual server is faster, cheaper and easier than installing a physical server

How can EPX help?

EPX provides IaaS to many businesses across the UK. Thanks to our infrastructure we provide businesses with as many virtual servers as they need for their individual requirements. As standard practice we keep backups, of the last 14 days, for all of our servers which can be restored from quickly as part of our emergency recovery policy.

All physical equipment is securely housed in one of our datacentres where we own and maintain it so that your virtual servers are constantly running at peak performance. The virtual servers that we provide are built on a platform of highly-resilient SSD servers which have gigabit connectivity for the best performance.
Virtual Servers are available to you without the need to purchase expensive physical equipment and from the time of being ordered they can be ready within minutes. All software licenses are also provided as part of the price to help you keep costs down to a minimum.

Can I migrate my existing physical server to a virtual server

Yes! We can take your existing server and, using our industry leading virtualisation technology, we can create a virtual version of your server. This will work like your current server but will have all of the advantages of a virtual server!

If you would like to know more about virtual servers or have any questions that you would like to ask us then please give us a call on 03333 44 00 98 or e-mail info@epx.ltd.uk

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The beginning of the end for Windows XP

One of the most popular user interfaces to be created by Windows is now going to be retired. As of 8th April 2014 Windows XP will no longer be available to consumers to buy and software/security updates will no longer be available for machines that are currently running XP.

Windows XP was known for its easy to use user interface and even when the next version of Windows (Windows Vista) was released XP was still high in demand (Although this might have to do with the unbelievable unpopularity of Windows Vista after many pitfalls were found with the software).

April 2014 also spells the end for Microsoft Office 2003 which was the last to use the menu and toolbar interface that Microsoft used to employ before adopting the new tab system. Office 2003 was an excellent platform to work from but has been improved upon by newer versions of Office (Office 2007 and Office 2013).

Office 365

If you are still working from Office 2003 (or any other version of office for that matter) we strongly recommend an upgrade to Office 365. Office 365 allows you to work on your documents from anywhere with an internet connection and when combined with Microsoft Exchange it gives you the ability to take your office with you wherever you go.

Office 365 can vastly improve your own and your employees working experience and gives you a lot more flexibility with where you can work from. Not only can you store documents online for your employees to access but thanks to the clever Microsoft web apps you can also edit documents easily without having to download them.

Microsoft Exchange gives you the further advantage of hosting e-mails on the Microsoft cloud servers. You receive the full advantage of Microsoft Outlook without having to manage your own servers.

As Microsoft Partners, EPX are in the best possible position to help your organisation implement Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, by integrating these services into your existing network we can insure a seamless transition.

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Server Installation and Support

The servers used by your organisation are the key component to your working environment. Servers provide an effective method of securing data – providing user-level password protection over certain sensitive documents. They provide a central repository for shared files, allowing you to invest in a single set of backup technologies.

Servers also provide a management platform for usernames & passwords, centrally-controlled anti-virus software, encryption technologies and numerous other security policies.

Third-party software often requires a centralised database – located on a server. Remote workers connecting into the workplace often connect via the server. The key message to take away – the server is the core of your business and as such its selection & maintenance should be treated with great care.

Server Installation

If you’re considering a new server for your organisation, or even if you just require some questions answering, EPX can assist. We will discuss with your management team what you need from your server and then plan out an appropriate installation. Our engineers have years of experience with server installation & maintenance and they will use their experience to make your server installation as hassle free as possible. We have Microsoft Certified Engineers, and for organisations of 40 computers or less, we are also Microsoft Small Business Specialists.

Server Support & Maintenance

As a part of our ongoing maintenance packages, we support servers and critical network devices. For proactive support, our engineers carry out regular manual checks of your server equipment and assess its performance. For reactive support, our server monitoring software monitors key services and statistics on your server and alerts us immediately to any possible issues.

For more information on our ongoing support, please see our page on maintenance or give us a call.


Having a virtualised server is becoming an increasingly popular option for many businesses and many of our customers have already asked us to fully virtualise their existing servers. Virtualisation eases server management, shortens backup recovery-time, lowers power consumption and reduces the need for hardware maintenance.

Our engineers work with the three major Hypervisors; Citrix, Hyper-V and VMWare, and have carried out numerous deployments for several major organisations.

For more information, please give us a call or see our page on virtualisation.

IaaS & DaaS

Infrastructure as a Service and Desktops as a Service. Utilising the virtualisation technologies above, EPX provide your servers and desktop computers as a managed service. With no physical servers on-site, your critical data is held in secure datacenters, accessible from anywhere. Please see upcoming blogs for more information about these services.

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